Join us in our mission to create an open and vibrant model market for Web3! Details of membership types, costs and specific benefits are detailed below.

Web3 Harbour is excited to welcome projects, builders, investors, and leaders from across the Web3 industry to the association. Our members represent several of Hong Kong's leading blockchain and decentralised technology companies.

W3H Membership ranges from large corporates to new startups and individuals passionate about digital transformation that brings greater transparency, security, and efficiency.

With membership, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop new business relationships and benefit from knowledge-sharing on Web3 applications and virtual assets by joining a cross-sector group of builders, investors, and leaders
  • Gain timely insights on industry standards, technologies, and trends
  • Drive the accelerated and sustainable development and adoption of blockchain technologies for long term economic and societal benefit
  • Participate in critical discourse that promotes clear regulation and strengthens Hong Kong's position as a global innovation hub
  • and much more